Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Very Short Press Release

Visitors to the http://www.london.gov.uk/ will have become accustomed to lengthy press statements, usually running to two or more pages, worthy texts on climate change, rambling rebuttals of Evening Standard stories - so the latest release is unusually brief:

The BBC last week asked the GLA whether Rosemary Emodi had visited Kamp Africa, a holiday resort in Nigeria. She was therefore formally asked by the GLA whether this was true. She stated that this was untrue and that she had never visited Kamp Africa. The GLA informed the BBC of this. It has now become clear that the formal statement made by Rosemary Emodi was untrue. She has resigned with immediate effect. There is no suggestion any GLA funds were used for this trip. However all GLA staff are required to honestly answer questions put to them.

Further details of this story are available at http://www.bbc.com/ .

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