Saturday, January 26, 2008

George Galloway is Contemptible

After a long absence on 'infighting leave', Galloway makes an appearance in the Guardian's Comment is Free, telling us why we should support Livingstone. It's all a bit like throwing a drowning man a lead belt, but his diatribe does contain the following:

It seems clear that he (Livingstone) treats the Greater London Assembly with contempt. But that is surely not helped by the fact that most of the members of the GLA are contemptible.

Which, coming from a supporter of Saddam Hussain, feels like high praise indeed.

What have we done to earn George's contempt? Not enough cat impression, perhaps? No appearances on Big Brother? Or maybe we haven't been saluting the indefatigability of tin pot dictators...

Galloway is standing for the London Assembly (it's not even called the GLA, George), so we can look forward to his ill informed comments during the campaign and possibly his tedious company for the next four years. He tells us he will put the Mayor under real pressure...

Yeah, right.

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