Monday, January 21, 2008

Dispatches Alert

I know where I will be at 8:00pm this evening. The much trailled Channel 4 'Dispatches' investigation into the Mayor's office will be on show, and well worth a look no doubt.

Over the weekend allegations that the Mayor was drinking heavily at the Ilford 'Peoples' Question Time' event surfaced. I spent the evening chairing the proceedings and, to be fair, he didn't seem any the worse for wear. Indeed he was much the same as usual, long on rhetoric and short on answers...

The Mayor's office have released a statement claiming that Dispatches is discredited following its film challenging climate change doctrine last year. So now questioning the Mayor is equal to questioning 'end of the world' theories...

1 comment:

judith said...

Perhaps you are getting used to the old fool being three sheets to the wind.

I thought Dispatches let him off pretty lightly, but it was interesting and horrifying to see how rude he is to Assembly Members at your Question Time.

How he would have enjoyed being a Commissar under Uncle Joe.