Saturday, January 26, 2008

From Venezuela With Love

With the budget under discussion next week, a look at the publicity around the controversial Venezuela deal seems timely:

Roger Evans: How much was the total cost - including design, printing, distribution, and the cost of advertising space - of the Transport for London posters advertising cheap petrol for buses, which includes the branding of the republic of Venezuela?

Ken Livingstone: Promotion of the scheme has used mainly 'broadcast' advertising such as posters, magazines and radio, together with the distribution of literature and 'face to face' activity. Costs incurred to date including media placement and production total £1.1m.

By 'broadcast' I assume he includes this:

Sally Hamwee: A double decker bus running down Kilburn High Road recently had an advert along its side advertising tourist visits to Venezuela. Which organization commissioned this advert and did they pay standard TfL fees for the advertising space?

Ken Livingstone: TfL 'wrapped' two buses as part of the promotion of the discounted fares scheme. The promotional budget for the discounted fares scheme forms part of the administration costs, which are costs payable by Petroleus de Venezuela Europa (PDVE) under the agreement.

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