Friday, January 25, 2008

If Not Ken, Then Who?

setting aside the wild accusations that Livingstone's current critics are 'neo cons', or even in the pay of Mossad, it is a fact that much of the clamour of discontent is coming from people on the left. Several blog posters have even voiced the unthinkable - who would be the ideal Labour candidate, if they dispensed with Livingstone's services.

So who should they be running? Some of their people drop by here every now and then, so I'm sure some advice would be appreciated - better still, they could tell us themselves.


judith said...

Well, it's now obvious.

Since Mr Pain is no longer a double Minister, he'd have lots of time to lecture all us Londoners on how we should be living our lives.

And Mr Pain knows a lot about lifting money and funnelling it through phantom organisations, so he'd get on well with certain City Hall employees.

And he could dream about waving across the river from City Hall to his powerful wife who actually works in the City (you know, that place that Pain slagged off for earning such shedloads of money not that long ago).

weggis said...

Out of the fire.....

judith said...

And John Prescott's not doing anything much nowadays.

Blair could fit in a couple of days a month if the salary was upped a bit.

Dorothea said...

Blair? Never. Not enough luvverly power in it for him.

"Under the headline “I'll be president of Europe if you give me the power – Blair”, we are told that our erstwhile Prime Minister is already negotiating for himself the powers that he would like were he graciously to consent to being President of Europe."