Thursday, March 08, 2007

PQT After Action Report

Thank you to everyone who turned out at Tottenham last night. I will try to give more notice next time but even so, there was a group from Redbridge and several contingents from more distant boroughs, making up a good natured audience that refused to let the Mayor have it all his own way. several on the spot poles were taken and the rough results were:

80 / 20 Against arming all police officers
70 / 30 Predict that the Olympics will benefit London
60 / 40 In favour of free travel for Under 18s
45 / 55 Against a £15 environment tax on air tickets
25 / 75 Against Livingstone standing down after two terms (ho hum)

I also got the chance to set the record straight over the Freedom Pass, quoting a motion passed by the Assembly - cross party - in 2003, and proposed by Conservative members Andrew Pelling and Tony Arbour:

That this Assembly does not support the Government's Commission for Integrated Transport's recommendation that an end be made to the Pensioners' Freedom Pass.

Which I hope reassured some worried people and put that rumour to rest.

Monday, March 05, 2007

PQT Alert - 7th March

Yes - it's People's Question Time again, on Wednesday. Come along and meet the Mayor and assembly, and ask them difficult questions:

Wednesday 7th March, 7.00pm Tottenham Green Leisure Centre

Nearest station (tube and rail) Seven Sisters.

The last PQT at Bromley saw the Mayor on the defensive in front of a demanding audience, so the pressure is on. Tickets can be obtained from, or email to or telephone 020 7983 4762 to reserve a place.