Friday, January 18, 2008

Trouble on the 174

Following on from the bus crime league table, the Romford Recorder gives the 174 a mention this morning. Whilst not in the top 10, the 174 which runs between Harold Hill and Dagenham is in the 40 worst routes, along with the 247, Barkingside to Romford service. Problems are reported to include knife attacks, egg throwing, verbal abuse and general rowdiness.

The 174 has also been under performing against its timetable, between Romford and Harold Hill. Councillors and Angela Watkinson MP, have raised complaints about this and London Buses tell me that the service is failing to meet targets. The reason is thought to be congestion in Romford town centre, but TfL have agreed to investigate and bring about an improvement.

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JuliaM said...

"The reason is thought to be congestion in Romford town centre..."

Hmm, depends on the dates of course, but the 174 goes over Heathway Hill, and that has been under a process of 'improvement' for the last couple of months that has resulted in horrendous traffic jams.