Monday, January 28, 2008

Anonymous Beneficiaries

City Hall largesse has been spread far and wide over the last eight years. The Mayor is sometimes reluctant to tell us who has benefited.

Brian Coleman: Will the Mayor of London list the financial donations made by the Mayor of London for the organisation of the London Peace Reception on Wednesday 5th December, the costs the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Stop the War Coalition are paying towards the London Peace Reception and will the Mayor of London publish the guest list to the London Peace Reception?

Ken Livingstone: The estimated £5,500 cost for the London Peace Reception is being met from existing GLA budgets held in the international team. Publication of the guest list would breach data protection principles.

Data protection - useful on so many occasions...


judith said...

Can you assure me that some of this £5,500 will be paid to Mr Jasper?

I am worried he won't have enough in his piggy bank to have a pleasant holiday.

Roger Evans said...

To be fair to Mr Jasper, they wouldn't see any change from £5,500 after hiring City Hall, providing catering and publicity for the Mayor's CND friends, in fact the figure is on the low side even for that.