Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Flag for London

Some members are known for asking unusual questions. This one from Labour member Murad Qureshi must have caused some head scratching in the Mayor's office:

Murad Qureshi: With your campaign to encourage a civic identity of being a Londoner, is it not time for a London flag similar to that which you see in Devon and Cornwall?

Ken Livingstone: There is a flag with the London logo on it, which the GLA uses when it requires a generic flag. We have no plans to develop an official flag for London.

Well, that's a relief. How about a national anthem? Our own currency perhaps? Border controls, which Livingstone could fail to enforce? Members shouldn't encourage the Mayor's ego like this...

1 comment:

MayorWatch said...

>> How about a national anthem? Our own currency perhaps? <<

Yes please!

Then we could stop subsidising the rest of the UK, a move which would eradicate the poverty too many Londoners are subject to.

If we opt for border controls we could also look at banishing Blair from our lands.

It could be like Passport to Pimlico ;-)