Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Job Opportunity - Election Monitoring in Venezuela

An intriguing reply from the Mayor:

Bob Neill: Please provide details of the meeting you held with Rodrigo Chaves, Venezuelan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs on 18th September.

Ken Livingstone: On 18 September 2006 I met with Mr Rodrigo Chaves, the Venezuelan Deputy Minister for Europe who was accompanied by Ambassador Toro-Hardy. In the meeting Mr Chaves passed on an invitation to me from President Chavez to visit Venezuela.

We also agreed that the discussions between our offices regarding the co-operation agreement would continue and that he would report back to the President that these discussions were progressing.

Finally Mr Chaves explained that they would like to invite a number of people to the Presidential elections in Venezuela in December to act as independent observers to ensure the process is seen to be free and fair. He asked if I could recommend a number of people who might be suitable to perform such a function which I agreed to do.

Probably a good idea to get those application forms in early and avoid the rush.

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Anonymous said...

What - get shot when you expose the election fraud of Chavez. No thanks.