Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Empire Grows

In response to a question from Bob Blackman, the Mayor predicts the timetable for an expansion of power.

Bob Blackman: When do you expect the new Mayoral powers will come into operation?

Ken Livingstone: Those powers not requiring legislation have already come into force - the Mayor has assumed the London Housing Board's responsibilities from GOL and recruitment to the London Skills and Employment Board is currently taking place.

Those powers requiring legislation will be included in either the GLA Bill or, in the case of skills, the Further Education Bill, with one exception - the provision whereby the Mayor will appoint the Chair of the MPA is included in the Police and Justice Bill, which is currently going through Parliament. Depending on the timing of Royal assent to these bills, it is envisaged that these new powers will come into force in either October 2007 or April 2008.

Note the new job opportunities being created in London's growing government.

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