Tuesday, November 07, 2006

PQT Alert

People's Question Time this month is on 21 November at 7pm in Bromley Civic Centre. This is the six monthly Q & A session that the Mayor is obliged to face, by statute. Anyone can come along and I do hope that the citizens of South East London will make the effort to let Livingstone know how they feel.

You may obtain tickets from:


or phoning 020 7983 4762

or online at www.london.gov.uk

or by texting PQT followed by your name, address, full postcode and the number of tickets you require to 62967.

Last time we visited Hackney and witnessed a lefty love in, with a hall packed full of Livingstone supporters. I even got booed for suggesting people should pay for their train tickets....

So let's get a good crowd along to Bromley and make it a night to remember.

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