Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hot Off The Press - December's Londoner

Headlines include:

Latest poll says people back the Mayor's new powers to build more lower priced homes for the capital (front page)

Oyster pay-as-you-go Tube fares frozen at 2006 rates next year

London Councils in grant U-turn

Dramatic firework displays will light up the skies over London as we welcome in 2007

Everyone has the right to religious expression (Mayor's column)

New Olympic schemes will give a head-start to London's unemployed

Rail link boost for East London

Don't miss out: It's not too late to register to vote

Jewish festival celebrated

New driving force behind London's taxi service

'Muslim women do have the right to wear the veil' (Talking Point)

Recycling around the Christmas tree

This special Christmas issue was supported by loyal advertisers including TfL (pg4), Recycle for London (pg6), TfL (pg16) and TfL (pg20). Also available on request in Braille, large print, audio tape, Hindi, Bengali, Arabic, Greek, Vietnamese, Turkish, Chinese, Urdu, Gujarati and Punjabi.


MayorWatch said...


Do you think they'd let MayorWatch advertise in it? ;-)

Roger Evans said...

Martin - I see no reason why they would refuse to take an advert. The charge might be quite high for reaching seven million Londoners.

MayorWatch said...

True and I don't have the marketing budget that our monopoly transport services somehow seem to need!

Phil Taylor said...

One thing missing from the December issue of the Londoner is a prize draw for two tickets to see the next Winter Olympics. The Mayor bid £10,000 for these tickets at a Variety Club charity ball on 12th September. The Mayor wrote to me at the end of October to say that the £10K he had bid had been bid "on behalf of my charity account in the GLA budget”, follow link. The Mayor promised to offer these tickets to Londoners through a prize draw in the Londoner. Three months have gone by since the ball on 12th September and still no sign of the draw in the December issue.

That's not all though. According to the reply to a question asked by Andrew Pelling, AM in time for the last Mayor's Question Time on 15th November only £5,000 was given to the Variety Club. What happened to the other £5K?

Morris Hickey said...

The entire paraphernalia of Mayor and Assembly is an unnecessary impost on London residents. The current Labour government's proposed new powers for the Mayor will simply complete in effect the return of the GLC. Other large conurbations work perfectly well without this expensive additional tier of government. The next Conservative government should abolish the lot of them - but I doubt that it will.

weggis said...

How much does Ken's propoganda sheet cost??