Thursday, November 30, 2006

Livingstone - Friend of the Poor

Every month the Mayor publishes a list of the decisions he has made, and they usually involve spending money. There are some interesting recipients of his largesse, for example:

3 November 2006:


1. To enter into a contract with the CBI, in which the GLA will provide £30,500 in sponsorship for the Gala Dinner drinks reception at the 2006 CBI Conference and to waive the contracts code of practice for this purpose.

And if you thought taxpayers would be picking up the bill....

The estimated gross cost of this project is £30,500 and the net cost to the GLA is £6,000. The balance of £24,500 will be met by the LDA (£6,000), TfL (£6,000) and sponsorship income (£12,500). The GLA's net cost of £6,000 will be met from the 2006/07 Private Sector Programme budget.

Then you would be right.


MayorWatch said...


How does Ken's sponsorship of a CBI shindig tally with your Leader's claim that he's an old Marxist?

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously saying a Tory Mayor would not meet with the CBI and have positive relations?! Surely it should be seen as positive part of the Mayor's approach that he can work with various different parts of London, even where they might disagree on other issues?

Roger Evans said...

Young Londoner:

I stand to be corrected when we have a Tory Mayor, but I would be disappointed if they used public funds to sponsor a CBI event. My constituents pay their taxes for the better services they are promised and to help less fortunate Londoners. This doesn't fall under either of those headings.

Of course politicians of all parties should talk to business representatives (not just the CBI) and consider business needs when they make decisions - but they don't need to buy the champagne and canapes.

Zambini said...

As 'Mayorwatch' says, all this does is show that by supporting the CBI event your leader's claim that Ken Livingstone is an old Marxist is daft and a very ineffective line of attack. At least Ken went to the CBI, which is more than can be said for David Cameron!