Thursday, September 14, 2006

Superpope to the Rescue

As we wait for the approved record of yesterday's question time to be made available, one incident which was referred to has already received wider publicity in the Evening Standard Diary. It concerns my opposite number, Lib Dem member Geoff Pope. It appears that, over the weekend the mild mannered transport committee chair and former Mayor of Richmond Upon Thames transforms into a caped crusader fighting crime on the buses. Who said the Lib Dems were all mouth and trousers? The Standard explains:

returning from Hornsey at the weekend, he encountered a full scale fight on the top deck of a W7 bus outside Hornsey Town Hall in Crouch End. Two teenage girls were hanging over the stairwell panel, having a punch up. A third girl leapt into the fray. Pope shouted to keep calm but was forced to delve into the fight and prise their locked arms apart. It eventually took four passengers to break the girls up. The end result wasn't pretty: clumps of hair strewn across the floor, one girl had a cut face and the other had a huge bump on the head the size of a golf ball. "I have never witnessed such anger in a woman's eye like that before." said Pope.

Wish I could say the same....

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