Thursday, September 21, 2006

Red Ken = Red Lights

Time to dust off the old campaign slogan as our mayor reveals that 1,000 new traffic lights have been commissioned since he came to power in May 2000. I wonder why the traffic is slowing down.... Yesterday's Evening Standard takes up the story:

The rise in the number of traffic lights was uncovered by the conservative group on the London Assembly.

Roger Evans, the group's transport spokesman, said wthe figures would be no surprise to disgruntled motorists who were a "long term target" of the Mayor.

"They provide further evidence that the administration's policies are slowing down traffic and making motorists' lives a misery." claimed Mr Evans.

"The explosion in these extra traffic management measures is making a significant contribution to the ever increasing gridlock that is plaguing our roads."

"It is no good introducing stringent measures such as congestion charging if at the same time you add nearly 1,000 new traffic lights for motorists to negotiate."

Mr Evans added: "The Mayor is not playing a fair game and seems more interested in pursuing a vendetta against motorists, rather than genuinely trying to keep traffic moving."

A great idea from our Mayor - let's create congestion, then we can tax it!

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