Monday, September 18, 2006

A Fine State of Affairs

Ever wondered why TFL made congestion charge so complicated to understand and difficult to pay? If nobody was fined, it would make far less money - of course.

Angie Bray: What percentage of the annual revenue is formed by penalty charge payments?

Ken Livingstone: This is detailed in the Fourth Annual Monitoring Report. For the last financial year, these accounted for about 30% of the annual revenues from the scheme.

That's right - a third of the income from congestion charge relies on people who don't pay - and then get caught.

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Phil Taylor said...


I just found TfL's figures for this year. There was no accompanying press release so I guess TfL is trying to bury the bad news. The pants-on-fire Mayor can announce three new TfL directors today but does not see fit to comment on the organisation's figures.

The first thing that jumps out is Bob Kiley's £1.7 million severance package. Not bad for 10 months work.

Apparently the Chief financial Officer of TfL, Stephen Critchley, signed these figures off on 28th June but it takes almost 3 months for them to appear, without fanfare, on a public website. What a bunch of total creeps.