Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Maybe it's Because he's a Londoner

I'm often asked about the cost of Livingstone's propaganda sheet, The Londoner. Here's the answer:

Roger Evans: What is the current annual cost of The Londoner?

Ken Livingstone: The 2006/07 Londoner budget totals £2.8 million. The cost is equivalent to 10p per copy per household.

So that's £1.20 per year, per household of course, and the Mayor thinks it is good value.


Jonathan Sheppard said...

And its purpose? Alot of money for what exactly? I'm sure there are a lot better things the money could be spent on!

Fred Titmus said...

The purpose is to tell us how wonderful he is. What better use us there for our money.

Apart from a party celebrating the anniversary of a Labour politician "coming out", of course.