Monday, September 18, 2006

Mayor and Labour Party Out of Step Over Nuclear Energy

A recent debate initiated by the Lib Dems led the Labour and Conservative groups to unite to support an open minded approach to the energy review. The Greens and Livingstone are not happy....

Darren Johnson: What did you say to the Labour group after they voted for a Conservatve amendment that said further nuclear power should not be ruled out of the Government's energy review, thus wrecking the opportunity for the majority of the Assembly to join with you in taking a clear pro renewables, anti nuclear stance?

Ken Livingstone: In my view there is a progressive majority in London and all of those who make up that majority should work to make it as effective as possible, whilst accepting that we will sometimes disagree. On this issue the Assembly, by voting for a Tory motion that said that nuclear power should not be ruled out of the energy review, is out of step with progressive sentiment in London.

I have made it clear that my view on this matter is the commissioning of a new generation of nuclear power stations would be an expensive mistake that we should not impose on future generations. I will be working with others who share my view to ensure that the case against nuclear is made as clearly and effectively as possible.

The position of the Greater London Authority as a whole is not affected by the Assembly's vote.

The position adopted by the Assembly, as proposed by the Conservative group, brought out the sharp contradiction between David Cameron's rhetoric on the environment and the record of Conservatives in London.

I have said to the Labour group that I believe the position adopted by the Assembly should be corrected at the earliest opportunity.

So that's told them, and we await the U-turn. Meanwhile, expect further divisions between Livingstone and his supporters.

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