Thursday, October 26, 2006

And the Gold Medal for Avoiding Elections goes to...

Here's the answer to a question that Martin over at Mayorwatch suggested:

Roger Evans: You will no doubt be aware that the 2012 Mayoral and Assembly elections will be held in very close proximity to the start of the Olympic Games. Do you think that sticking to this timetable is the right course of action?

Ken Livingstone: I do not think this timetable is ideal and my preference would be for the London elections to be postponed until 2013.

So at the next election in 2008 we could be electing a Mayor for a term of five years - use your vote wisely.

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MayorWatch said...

Thanks for asking it Roger!

As you know, I think running the election so close to the games is madness.

Equally I think the date of the 2012/2013 election should be known by the time we vote in 2008 so we vote in full knowledge of the facts.

Maybe we need to look at raising the public profile of the issue?