Friday, October 27, 2006

Row of the Week

I feature in today's 'Row of the Week' in the Evening Standard Inside City Hall column - to be precise:

Motorists have rarely regarded Mayor Ken as their friend and more bad news is on the way. TfL is planning to introduce another 1,719 sets of traffic lights on London's roads, in addition to the 5,827 already there. As the Tories revealed recently, this is already 1,000 more than when Ken was elected in 2000. Evans, the party's transport spokesman on the Assembly, said: "Over the past six years, Ken has treated London like a giant lego set, raining havoc at will and charging people for the pleasure. He promised to get London moving but the statistics say otherwise." Ken says the roads are becoming more pedestrian friendly - and can point to a 45 per cent fall in casualties in the past decade as evidence.

Although it is interesting to note that according to those same figures, one of the safest places is the London Borough of Barnet, where the Conservative council has been ripping out the road humps and bus lanes - much to the Mayor's consternation.

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