Friday, October 20, 2006

Consultancy Opportunity at TfL

Bob Kiley, formerly the Commissioner for Transport, has struck a particularly good deal with the Mayor. Hopefully his negotiating skills will continue to be available to TfL.

Peter Hulme Cross: Can the Mayor confirm how many days Bob Kiley has worked under his consultancy agreement and how many of those days were spent in the UK?

Ken Livingstone: As part of the negotiation of arrangements with Mr Kiley, agreement was reached to ensure that the Chair of TfL and his nominee continue to have Mr Kiley's skills, knowledge and experience available on key issues.

This year Mr Kiley is contracted to provide the maximum of 90 days service on a non-exclusive basis. Under the contract there is no requirement for the services to be provided in the UK. However, to date, all the services provided by Mr Kiley have been provided in the UK.

The Chair of TfL, the Commissioner and the Commissioner's office have been in regular contact with Mr Kiley since the commencement of the consultancy both for the supply of information and the provision of advice. There are regular scheduled meetings between the Commissioner, Mr Kiley and other senior officers. Mr Kiley also attends at TfL's offices when necessary. A consolidated list of these dates is not kept.

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Neil Reddin said...

"A consolidated list of these dates is not kept."

So how do they know if they're getting their 90-days' worth? Don't they check his invoices? Should Internal Audit be interested?