Monday, December 17, 2007

Under 18 Bus Passes

The latest costs for the controversial scheme are revealed in a reply from November's Question Time:

Richard Barnes: What is the latest lost revenue estimate for both the under 18 and under 16 free bus pass scheme.

Ken Livingstone: I replied to Andrew Pelling a few months ago that free bus travel for the under 16s was estimated to have reduced fares revenue by around £35m p.a. and free bus travel for 16/17s by £20m p.a. The estimated revenue reduction remains in line with these figures.

So that is a total cost of £55m.

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sjm said...

Presumably this lost revenue will be made up by an increase in the number of speed cameras.

Isn't it amazing how lefties like the Mayor always know how to spend, but rarely know how to honestly earn.