Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Full to Bursting

Yesterday, Boris joked that desks were being sawn in half at City Hall to create space for all the bureaucrats. A humourous exaggeration perhaps, but based on reality, as the following exchange shows:

Richard Barnes: Further to your answer to 2381/2007, rather than a minimum estimate based on desk numbers and people, how many people in City Hall actually hot desk?

Ken Livingstone: As was previously stated in question 2381/2007 City Hall currently has 691 desks which accommodate 732 people of all categories, this excludes staff such as security and mail room who do not need a desk to perform their duties. By virtue of these numbers, this means that at least 41 staff share desks, which is equivalent to 5.6%.

We do not currently hold data on the precise number of staff who actually hot desk; this information will only be known to the individual teams. However, as part of the accommodation strategy review process we are seeking this information.
Lest we forget, City Hall was originally designed for a lean, strategic authority, with 400 employees.


judith said...

What about Lee Jasper and his generous ways with my money?

Roger Evans said...

Judith, I suggest you buy the Evening Standard over the next few days, as this one will run and run.

Meanwhile - and coincidentally -the Assembly is commissioning an external auditor to examine the financial processes at the LDA, which features large in today's revelations. This follows a critical report when the LDA claimed first that they had told us all we needed to know, then that we had not considered all the information they held, and finally that there are 52 boxes of unseen files which might be relevant!

The Mayor has stated that the Assembly review is a waste of time and money...

judith said...

I imagine the Mayor considers the Assembly to be a waste of his time, and the money could go to him and his ghastly spendthrift acolytes to fritter on even more fireworks, terrorists, special advisers and foreign jaunts.