Saturday, December 29, 2007


I'm back from my Christmas week with the family in Yorkshire. This was a good year and I got to see many of my relatives and their friends, including my nephew Joe, who is learning to talk. Next time I see him I will probably be able to hold a full blown conversation.

Now my attention is turning to those New Year resolutions. Scientific research has shown that men are more likely to keep them if they set themselves targets, so resolutions need to be quantifiable. I guess mine will be along the lines of:

Losing weight / getting fit
Getting re-elected in May
Writing and publishing a sequel to my novel, Gremal Quest
Saving more money and spending less
Visiting my cousin in Cornwall
Going abroad on holiday in the Summer

Any other suggestions would be welcome. I would also be interested to know what my readers' resolutions will be for 2008.


Phil Taylor said...


You forgot to mention kicking out Livingstone.

Roger Evans said...

Now there's a worthwhile objective we can all sign up to...

weggis said...

Resolutions not only have to be quantifiable, they also have to be achievable.

Roger Evans said...

Four of my six are quantifiable - they will either happen or they won't. The weight loss and savings need some numbers attached, but I'm not going to speculate in public. All are achievable.

And Livingstone can be beaten too...