Monday, October 15, 2007

Redbridge Pensioners' Forum

I've just got in from a meeting with the Forum, answering questions about transport issues. There were 76 people there - a fantastic turnout. The main issues were:

Bendy buses - very unpopular, because of fare evasion, accidents etc.

Under 18s Free Travel - also unpopular, because of anti social behaviour, the buses seen as no go areas when the schools finish.

Bad Driving - still a problem and the wheelchair ramps aren't being used.

Passenger Behaviour - need to get passengers to be more considerate, take feet off seats, give up seats for older people, fold buggies, take litter home.

Freedom Pass - cross party support for keeping it, despite the Mayor issuing scare stories about a mythical threat.

I have also agreed to visit Havering Gardens to see the issues around the extended 499 bus route.

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