Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Petition Presented

Following on from the Mayor's refusal to reinstate the footbridge over the A12 at Mawney Road, I presented a petition from local residents at the Assembly plenary meeting today. Four of the lead petitioners turned up to make their point:

They don't want a crossing at road level which will force pedestrians to race the lights - the other main junctions on the A12 all have either bridges or subways.

The original bridge (removed by TfL) had wheelchair ramps - a fact seemingly lost on TfL who claim that there is no space for a bridge with ramps to be built...

Have ramps got longer in the last two years?

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Phil Taylor said...


In Ealing we managed to get TfL to replace a footbridge with another footbridge. Their opening gambit was to propose a pedestrian crossing over the A40 which is probably London's most dangerous road.

Their stated rationale was that the pedestrian crossing would allow disabled people to cross - their logic seemed to be it is OK to put everyone at risk if it means we can tick an accessibility box. The unspoken rationale was cost saving.

They have finally agreed to put in an accessible bridge so everyone can be safe.

See story here.