Friday, June 01, 2007

Lib Dem GLA List Selected

There's a great story over at Iain Dale's Diary about the Lib Dem list selection. Their members have been getting stirred up about a bias in favour of South West London, which they say has been perpetuated by the selection system. It's certainly true with the present members:

Lord Tope - Sutton
Baroness Hamwee - Richmond
Mike Tuffrey - Lambeth
Dee Doocey - Richmond
Geoff Pope - Richmond

Not sure where the two new candidates come from, but I can make a wild guess...

Lib Dems are also unhappy with the lack of ethnic minority candidates on the list.

And they make some rather cruel comments about the performance of the incumbents...


alan howe said...

No such problems for the Greens.

One person who was not on the List ballot but was on the Mayoral candidate ballot is Katie Dawson, an Islington councillor. I predict you will hear more of her.

Neil Reddin said...

I can shed a little light on one of the newbies - Jeremy Ambache