Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Blackwall Tunnel Tidal Flow

The London Assembly Transport Committee will be considering TfL's decision to end the morning tidal flow at the Blackwall Tunnel. At the meeting on 7th June at City Hall, representatives of TfL and the Met Police will be explaining their decision and the lack of consultation. There will also be evidence from borough councils affected by the extra traffic and congestion which have resulted.

The committee has no power to change the Mayor's decision but we will be exploring the consultation process, possible alternative measures and the future plans for both the Blackwall and Rotherhithe Tunnels.

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Roger Evans said...

This was a good session, despite being tucked away in a basement committee room. Bob Neill raised a number of strong points, leading to TfL admitting their consultation - such as it was - could have been better. We heard from two of the affected councils:

Bexley - not consulted at all, and pretty upset about it.

Greenwich - informed as a one line item of ANY OTHER BUSINESS at the end of a meeting. Confirmed when they saw a flashing light by the side of the A2 warning that the tidal flow was to cease the next day! (TfL had switched the sign on by mistake).

TfL are now considering the Rotherhithe Tunnel, which also has two way traffic, although they were at pains to point out that circumstances are different there. Watch out for some more ANY OTHER BUSINESS at Rotherhithe...