Friday, September 14, 2007

Peoples' Question Time

Hot on the heels of Andrew, Boris, Victoria and Warwick, Mayor of London Ken Livingstone will be visiting Redbridge to answer questions along with those Assembly Members who can find their way from Tower Bridge.

The event will take place at 7.00pm on 25th October at Ilford Town Hall, in the big room this time. Once again I will be chairing the event (wonder if there's a career in this).

Although entry is free you need to obtain a ticket. You can do this online at or apply by email at . Places can also be booked by phone on 020 7983 4762.

The event will focus on policing and safety, transport, environment and the 2012 Olympics, so if you have questions here is the opportunity to get the answers from the horses mouth.


sjm said...

Well now, you'd never guess an election was in the air, would you?

Can we ask him what is his reimbursement for his 50% ownership of one of the Olympic provision companies (other half owned by Tessa Jowell but it isn't anything to do with the Government, of course not)?

Roger Evans said...

To be fair, it is a statutory requirement that he does this once every six months, and brings Assembly Members with him - but it has taken a long time to get around to coming here. Perhaps the Mayor has been putting it off...

It's also the first I have heard about the 'Olympic provision company', and it sounds a bit unlikely. Was this featured on Channel 4 the other night?

Barkingside21 said...

What is the format and protocol?

Will there be any advance notification of which Assembly Members, apart from your goodself, will be in attendance?

Roger Evans said...

Format is that the Mayor begins with an opening statement, then takes questions on each subject area in turn. I compere the whole event and call other AMs to comment throughout the proceedings. You need to submit questions beforehand but I will also call people who stick their hands up - past experience is that there are a lot of them so not everyone will get to speak. There is a good deal to cover in a limited time so we go at a gallop. AMs do not all turn up - depends on who feels like it on the day, but there is always representation from all five parties.

judith said...

Yup, check out the C4 programme.