Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Get Back To Work

As day one of the three day RMT strike continues, the mayor's office have released the text of a letter from Metronet and the PPP Administrator to Bob Crowof the RMT, which gave the assurances that the union claim to be seeking. The letter is dated 31st August and was good enough to persuade two more moderate unions to call off their action. I don't often agree with Livingstone but in this case he correctly describes the strike as 'pointless'. The letter includes the following:

We can confirm that the guarantees provided to members of the TFL Pension Fund under the Greater London Authority Act and the London Transport Pension Arrangements Order 2000, will remain and be abided to by Metronet Rail BCV, Metronet Rail SSL, the PPP administrator, and that the Metronet business will be transferred to the subsequent employer on this basis, as part of a full Scheme Rescue and ongoingly.

The effect of this is that the terms of the John Prescott letter dated 14th September 1999 still apply.

Which looks like a pretty clear reassurance, and provides for better security than most of the passengers enjoy in their employment.

The RMT should return to work and stop holding our city to ransom.

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