Friday, July 06, 2007

Twenty Years - and Counting

This week, or thereabouts, marks an important anniversary in my calendar. It is twenty years since I arrived in London.

In early July 1987 I got off the train at King's Cross with a very heavy suitcase and a promise of a job at Post Office Headquarters, then located in Grosvenor Place. I made my way to the Montagu Hotel near Russell Square, where they were putting me up until I could find somewhere more permanent.

I intended to stay for a couple of years and then move back 'Up North', but I could never tear myself away. I lived in South Woodford (one year), Leytonstone (14 years) and Romford (for the last five).

And I did things I never expected I would - became a school governor, stood for the council, got called to The Bar, won a seat on the Assembly, nearly became a candidate for Mayor, had three girlfriends, learned the value of my own company.

It's been - on the whole - a fantastic experience which I wouldn't have missed. So here's to London, a place that changes people....

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