Monday, July 23, 2007

Another Black Day at Blackwall

TfL have just announced further changes to the operation of the Blackwall Tunnel, effective from Sunday 19th August. To summarise, between the hours of 0100 and 0800 on every Sunday morning one bore of the tunnel will be closed for maintenance. We can't have contraflow in the other tunnel any more because it is deemed to be 'dangerous' (although it is 'safe' all the time in the Rotherhithe Tunnel), so the following will apply (in their own words):

1. Northbound traffic will use the southbound tunnel.

2. Southbound traffic will be diverted via Central London and the Dartford Crossings.

3. The 108 bus will not be diverted but southbound services will be individually escorted through the tunnel while northbound traffic is held at a red signal.

There's not a lot of traffic about early on a Sunday, but those drivers who are around are likely to be more than a little confused and frustrated, particularly given the lack of wider consultation, yet again.

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