Monday, November 12, 2012


On Sunday I joined Cllr Ted Griffin and a group of residents for their service at Hainault. The memorial here is only a couple of years old but it is respected and kept in good condition. The crowd of around thirty included veterans of the Second World War and teenagers - all generations were represented at a touching service which had all the meaning of the larger services elsewhere in the constituency.

In the afternoon I returned to Romford for the service at the synagogue. The small building was packed with guests including the Leader of the Council and the MPs for Romford and Hornchurch & Upminster. With the hostilities in Afghanistan continuing, these services have struck a chord with many people who have friends or relatives serving there. My cousin's son, Joseph, has been there with the RAF. We remember those who will not return and pray for the safety of our forces around the world.  

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