Saturday, April 28, 2012

Boris at Barnabas

Yesterday Boris visited Ilford yet again - this time to look around the Barnabas Workshops and meet some of their volunteers. Barnabas does some really good work, helping people to find employment. They provide advice on CVs and interviews as well as putting potential applicants in touch with employers. Boris met some of their clients and got a briefing on their work.

Then it was off around Ilford Town Centre in the pouring rain. The weather meant that Boris enthusiasm was not running at the manic levels we had on our last visit but plenty of people wanted to speak to the great man, particularly in the Exchange shopping mall.


Barkingside 21 said...

Barnabas Workshops are an excellent example of Social Enterprise but unfortunately have been, and continue to be, under threat due to the Coalition not understanding what "Big Society" actually means.

Mrs Essex said...

Yes Mr Evans, I would like to give him a good talking to myself.

And who are the two scruffs with no tie? Are standards slipping in the Conservative Party or are they two out of work Socialist Actors?

Mrs Angry said...

and who's the scruff in the flasher's raincoat? Could have brushed his hair ...

Roger Evans said...

That's a bit unpleasant Mrs A, especially coming from a fellow blonde. Hope the campaign isn't getting to you...

Anonymous said...

I am sure you have heard about Newham wanting to re-locate people out of Newham.

Are you aware Newham want to License all rental properties?

It is regretable, Newham have waged propaganda war against Landlords. They have slured and smeared our reputation. They use the photo of one rogue landlord and claim aa Landlord behaves this way. It is outragious. In today's world people use Internet portals, they can dismiss a property in a 'click'.

The propaganda has got worst with the Mayoral elections.

I have been the victim of bad tenants. I just get on with it, fix the property and put it back on the market. It is costing Landlords thousands, but the likes of Shelter (who advise politicians) fail to acknowlegdge the problem.

Newham's Landlord Licensing is going to cost up to £500 per year (discount for early birds). This is all about Income Generation for Newham.

As a landlord, I have not asked my tenants for a rent increase in years. So why should I be faced with the prospect of putting up rents?

Is it right, my tenants subsidise council services of Newham home owners?

Rents achieve from housing benefit is lower then for private tenants. If we were all rogue landlords as Newham Council claims, then Newham Council's housing benefit would be ZERO, because all landlords would have evicted them all in favour of higher paying private tenants.

There is going to a glut of properties when the olympic village is ready.

Newham Council has given no support to Landlods againt rogue tenants on housing benefit. The worst HB tenant cost me £9,700 in property damage. Some HB tenants trash properties, so the landlords has not choice but to evict through the courts. Newham Council fought with me all the way to prevent this tenant becoming homeless (as the council department try to prevent homelessness and they don't tenants back on their books).

The Mayoral campaign from Ken, Jenny .... is just a cut and paste bile from Shelter. They keep repeating like Parrots, the rubbish which Shelter gives them. They make up silly stories about landlords. Most Landlords are human beings... SHELTER FAIL TO RECOGNISE ROGUE TENANTS

The likes of Ken, Jenny really need to speak to Landlords.... they have made policy on prejudice.

Also, are you aware of some of Newham's licensing conditions?. If I get a couple with a baby. It will be a criminal offence to rent a one bedroom to them. Since Newham want to limit occupancy to 2 people on one bedroom property. This is nuts, it is going to create homelessness.

Some Landlords, have properties, which have smaller bedrooms (they were built this way). Newham COuncil are saying smaller bedrooms can no longer be used. So 3 bedrooms may be re-classified as a 2 bedroom property. If teh tenant willing to accept smaller bedrooms, then why act as the nanny state. In some cases, tenants will be forced to find a 4 bedroom property, if they cannot find 3 bedroom property, well are the bedrooms are large enough.

I have no problem in the Private Rental Sector being professionalised e.g. accredidatoin for landlords and letting agents.

Licensing is the wrong tool, it will target good landlords who volunteer themselves for licensing (and thus face detailed scrutiny) rather than bad landlords who will evade attention....

Roger Evans said...

Hi Anonymous Landlord and welcome to the blog. I have first hand experience of some of your problems because some of my neighbours rent their flats out. When they get bad tenants it takes months for them to be evicted during which they trash not just their flats but the communal areas too. That is a costly problem for the landlords but it is also a nuisance for the majority of considerate neighbours.

I am surprised by Labour's hostility to the private rented sector, considering they did so much to encourage it when in government - and their planning policy also drove the construction of the smaller bedrooms that they now claim are unsuitable.

Yet another reason to reject Labour in Thursday's Elections.

Mrs Angry said...

Stand by. I am going to agree with Mr Evans. Licensing by local authorities is, in my view, absolutely necessary. I have had the terrifying experience of living for a year and a half next to neighbours from hell dumped in a privately rented house by the local (Tory) council's housing scheme. The landlords were not required to meet any decent standard of accommodation, safety or maintenance and were totally irresponsible. The house was in a terrible condition, and the garden full of rotting rubbish, and rats. Unfortunately, there are far too many unscrupulous landlords in the Greater London area and tenants are being exploited by them, especially now in the increasingly pressurised housing rental market. Licensing is the only way to protect tenants - and their neighbours - from bad landlords, and bad tenants.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Angry: I am annoyed about what has happened to you. Tenants have a responsibility to be good neighbours.

Licensing would have done nothing to avoid your problem! let me explain.

From your description, the property was 'leased' to the local council. Every council which leased has to meet a strict standards. So I am not sure how you can say it does not meet safety standards?.

The BIGGEST problem with leasing is that the council can put 'any' tenant they like. I have known Landlord who have been upset when they found out councils had put alcoholics and people with mental problems into their properties. With leasing the council is responsible for certain repairs and they usually hand back properties in rubbish conditions. No council will ever prosecute itself for ASB or poor property standards.

If Newham introduces Landlord Licensing, some landlords may opt to lease the property to the council rather then rent to housing benefit or private tenants. (where at least you can check the tenants).

Since Leasing the property does not require a Landlord License!

Licensing is seen as a 'panacea', but its not....

Anonymous said...


The issue of small bed rooms will effect some Victorian properties too in Newham....

In the London plan, they opted for bigger room sizes, which is a great idea, I wish it had been done decades ago.

On another note. You say you live in a block of flats. I only wish we had copied the French, of having live-in concierge in buildings (more like a caretaker). It would have helped keep service charges down and certainly help with day to day management.....

Perhaps, with large development, it should be mandatory.