Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chill on The Hill

This morning we were campaigning in Harold Hill. Despite cold winds and falling temperatures the team are in good spirits with less than 80 days to the election. I was joined by Gooshays councillor Keith Wells, Assembly Member Andrew Boff, Assembly candidate Nadia Sharif and local activists.


Mrs Angry said...

Hope Robert Rams isn't reading this ... but really, you could have worn a tie, Mr Evans. Tut tut.

Roger Evans said...

Hope it isn't my turn to be stalked now Mrs A - Perhaps you were hiding in that large pile of oranges behind us?

Ties are considered unfashionable on Saturday in Harold Hill. Just as well I made sure my shoes aren't in shot...

Mrs Angry said...

no, Roger, I was in the shop, looking for some rotten tomatoes.

I have to say wearing a suit without a tie makes you look like you have just been held in custody in the local nick. I hope that is not the case.

Full marks to your lady companion, though, who looks very smart.

Yes, I hope you won't be jealous but I have been stalking Robert Rams: I have offered to pay for him to try the bungee jump at our local shopping centre. Without a safety harness.