Monday, January 30, 2012

Wildlife Crime Partnership

This morning I joined Romford MP Andrew Rosindell at City Hall to mark the start of a new partnership between the Met Police and the World Society for the Protection of Animals. The Society are providing £100,000 to support the vital work of our Wildlife Crime Unit. On display were illegal items recovered by the unit, including rhino horns, the polar bear skin in the picture and - sadly - a pair of stuffed tiger cubs which were found far from home on a mantelpiece in Islington. London is a key centre for the trade in illegal wildlife products with the profits often going to support organised crime and even terrorism. This historic partnership will help to put and end to the vile trade. More details can be found at .

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Mrs Angry said...

It is indeed a horrible sight to see any endangered species captured, stuffed, and put on display. But apart from the Tory GLA candidate who was the poor creature in the middle?