Monday, January 30, 2012

Budget Debate 2012

Here is my take on the alternative budgets proposed by the Lib Dems, Greens and Labour at last Wednesday's budget meeting.


Mrs Angry said...

Amusing speech, Roger: and you looked very smart - were you off to a wedding after the meeting? Or was the yellow tie a sign of empathy with the Libdems?

Who was that in the background making a jibe about fairy money under a toadstool in a horribly familiar and frankly awfully common tone of voice? How it grates: these grammar school boys are not always what they seem, are they?

Why did you try to make a joke about our GLA Labour candidate Andrew Dismore having two homes when his Tory rival, your chum, and the soon to be ex member Brian Coleman, lives in a fixed rent flat owned by a church charity? I thought that was a bit mean of you - Dismore is a nice bloke and hard working, regardless of party politics, he was well liked when he was an MP (even by my Tory voting parents who were his constituents). I wish I could say the same about the other candidate.

Roger Evans said...

Thank you Mrs A, I wasn't sure about putting moving pictures on here - a bit like large blocks of text that appear too much effort to read, but you have encouraged me to produce more now...

And you have highlighted some of the minute details - did you watch it more than once?

I did consider cropping it before the Dismore line, don't want to offend you. I'm not bothered where someone lives, but I do recall Labour making a big deal of it when I was first elected and lived outside my patch. A bit rich as their candidate was one of my neighbours and I used to give him lifts home from the hustings!

Mrs Angry said...

hmm, no once was quite enough, Mr Evans: although obviously I did enjoy seeing you in a state of full animation, rather than one dimensional. I think you are clearly trying to outdo my blog's youtube musical interludes. Do you think Brian enjoyed the Sex Pistols? Ask him, next time Robert Rams brings the tea trolley round.