Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Olympic Transport Update

This morning the transport committee took evidence from Deputy Mayor Isobel Dedring and Olympic transport bosses from LOCOG, TfL and the ODA.

We discussed the challenges faced at some of the stations on London Underground and the main line:

Stratford - of course, where the real challenge will be handling the peaks in traffic as the Olympic Park venues empty after events.

London Bridge - with conflicting flows, commuters coming into town at the same time as spectators leave on the trains to Greenwich and the Jubilee Line to Stratford.

Liverpool Street - also with conflicting traffic, commuters coming into town and spectators leaving for Stratford on the Central and main lines.

Waterloo - with heavy traffic on South West Trains and the Jubilee Line.

Kings Cross / St Pancras - a confusing environment above and below ground, with heavy volumes expected on Eurostar, main lines and the many Underground lines that converge here. The Javelin service direct to Stratford will be a key link, leaving St Pancras.

Green Park - with heavy traffic to see the big screen sites and of course the beach volleyball.

Walking and cycling to the games will be encouraged, however the Greenway south of the main stadium will be closed for the duration. This section along the top of the Northern Outfall Sewer forms the last section of the Capital Ring, which will be diverted through the Olympic Park.

We were assured that the Olympic Route Network will affect only 1% of the capital's roads and the Games Lanes, intended for exclusive use by Olympic traffic will only be a third of that. Nevertheless there will be pinch points and the committee particularly want to see details of the arrangements for the Blackwall Tunnel. London Councils are asking to be allowed to operate temporary car pounds for vehicles cleared from the ORN but whether this is a helpful offer of assistance or a bid to get a share of the money from fines is unclear...


691 trolleybus fan said...

Plans for 5 weeks in Austria and Slovenia from 20 July are well advanced! Never was "get away from it all" more appropriate.

sjm said...

I gather some politicians are advising people to take their holidays during the Games - supposing you have kids and can only get away during the school holidays?

And apparently there are proposals to close the London-bound lanes of Eastern Ave between 6am-6pm - how long before there are mass protests by drivers? How will people get to work? Whether you're a dinner lady or a surgeon, you can't 'work at home', can you?

Thank you Mr Livingstone, I hope that everyone who protests about the transport problems gets reminded who got us into this s**t!

Redbridge resident said...


The school year ends on 20 July. The games commence on 27 July for 3 weeks. So no problem with school holidays. "Dinner ladies" don't go to work during school holidays.

But this is not just 3 weeks of inconvenience is it? We'll be paying the cost through our council tax within the London boroughs for many years to come.

sjm said...

The reserved lanes will start before the Games commence and last for some time afterwards, I understand.

And what if you've booked to go away for a fortnight starting 20 July? or if you've already taken the kids away at Easter and/or can't afford 5 weeks' foreign holiday in one go?

Redbridge resident said...


You could try aromatherapy.