Monday, March 14, 2011

Redbridge Roundabout

On Sunday morning I paid a visit to Redbridge Roundabout with Cranbrook Ward Councillors Matthew Chaudhry and Ashok Kumar.

The major junction, where the North Circular and the A12 meet is maintained in part by TfL and in part by the council. Access across the roads is afforded by several concrete subways. These are not pleasant places but the proximity of Redbridge underground station means that they are quite busy during the mornings and evenings and this discourages crime. Not so for the rest of the day and night, unfortunately.

Graffiti has been cleared recently and the concrete walls are looking about as good as they ever will. However litter has started to collect again and the area could do with a good tidying up. More seriously the lights have failed in the subway linking to Studley Drive and this needs to be fixed urgently. So do the drains in the subway linking to Royston Gardens where water has backed up to submerge the grates - rain often leads to flooding in this subway, effectively making it impassable.

These faults will be reported to TfL for action.


Redbridge resident said...

Attention has been drawn on other blogs to a quite different problem regarding Redbridge Roundabout. It relates to the appalling traffic congestion, and unsafe conditions, for traffic leaving Redbridge Lane East onto the roundabout - the only such junction where the traffic is not controlled by traffic signals. This problem is exacerbated by southbound traffic leaving Roding Lane South with priority at a mini-roundabout over the westbound traffic on Redbridge Lane East.

When will TfL make the improvements necessary not only for traffic-flow and reduction in pollution, but also in the interests of rod safety?

weggis said...

You might want to pop over to the other side of the Roundabout to meet these peeps.

Mrs Angry said...

darling, fabulous photos: possibly your best yet!

Roger Evans said...

I'm arranging to meet people from the other side of the roundabout to discuss the traffic problems very soon - meanwhile the video on their site illustrates the problem very clearly.

Rog T said...

Roger, you clearly haven't been reading Jams Cleverlys blog. If you are wondering why, check my blog



Roger Evans said...

Rog, this is the traditional 'never wear brown in town' advice you are referring to. I feel I should point out that Redbridge is outside the Square Mile and therefore not subject to sutch constraints. Today I am at London Bridge and wearing the appropriate black shoes.

And the above stricture doesn't apply at weekends either. I was dressed down when we took this picture on Sunday. I even considered wearing white socks!

Anonymous said...


Since you are in outer London, what's the score about Boris restarting the "Outer London Commission"?

All that sterling work last time, by the "Great and the Good", was deliberately kicked into the long grass.

Is it restarting because of the Mayorial election? Even if that is the reason, could it do some good this time round?