Monday, March 07, 2011

Campaign Progress - and Fund Raising Dinner

The campaign to save our accident & emergency unit continues. This afternoon a delegation from Redbridge visited the Independent Reconfiguration Panel (IRP) HQ in Buckingham Palace Road. The rather complex title belies the fact that these are the people who will give the thumbs up or down to the closure plans.

Arriving early, I took the opportunity to speak to the board secretary about our campaign and he assured me that the board would consider all submissions fairly.

I was joined by Redbridge councillors Andy Walker (Labour, and the driving force behind our objections) and Chris Cummins (Conservative chairman of the health scrutiny committee), and we handed in a letter drawing attention to the overloading of the services at Queen's Hospital and pointing out that they were in no condition to carry the extra demand which would be created by the KGH closure.

The next step will be a fund raising dinner on Friday evening in Chadwell Heath.

UPDATE: The dinner at the Tamarind in Chadwell Heath was a great success, raising several hundred £s for the campaign. Thanks to Cllr Andy Walker for organising the event. I'm adding a picture of the evening...


Redbridge resident said...

If there were any justice in this, then last week's critical condemnation of the maternity unit at Queens should have led to the threat over King George being lifted.

The system used for this process is quite iniquitous. The unelected committee making these proposals is chaired by a consultant from another nearby hospital. Many would see him as having a vested interest in the outcome - save his hospital by axing services at another.

The constitution of Primary Care Trusts needs radical reform. Their members seem to be either appointed from among "the great and the good", or selected by a publicly unaccountable committee from applicants for appointment. Democracy needs to be brought to this system, and thereby public accountability, by having directly elected PCTs. All registered electors resident in the PCT's area should be eligible to vote, and those elected should hold office for a four-year term. LOBBY YOUR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT ON THIS. I've given my views to mine.

sjm said...

Redbridge Resident, PCTs are being abolished, their duties will be largely taken on by GPs.