Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hainault War Memorial

This afternoon I attended the dedication of a new war memorial in Hainault. The memorial is situated in Manford Way, opposite the shops. Also there were Lee Scott MP, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Redbridge, the leader of the council and a number of local councillors.

For long serving Hainault Cllr Ted Griffin, this was a particularly proud moment because he has been campaigning for a memorial for several years. Following the dedication, there were two minutes of silence and wreaths were laid. The rain did not dampen spirits and the event attracted quite a large crowd.


Laurence Davies said...

Long serving? I hardly think 8 years counts as long serving. There are Councillors that have served 20 years plus!

weggis said...

Hi Laurence.

I mis-read that as "self" serving. Can't think why?