Saturday, October 02, 2010

Boris Visits Gants Hill

Friday saw the long awaited opening of the new Gants Hill Roundabout. Work at the site has disrupted traffic flow for over a year and there have been some frustrating delays for businesses and residents. Boris turned out in the rain to declare the roundabout open. He was welcomed by Deputy Mayor Cllr Ruth Clark and chairman of the local business forum, John Clark.

A crowd of onlookers turned out to see the mayor and one person quipped that it had taken longer to rework the roundabout than to build the Colosseum in Rome. Boris predicted that the roundabout would be safer than the Colosseum...

Then it was on to Fairlop Waters where money from the Mayor's tree fund has been used to improve the park, providing not only trees but climbing boulders as well. Boris was photographed with the boulders and with local schoolchildren. He also took a moment to be interviewed by LBC, condemning the totally unnecessary tube strikes planned for Sunday and Monday.

Finally, Boris was joined by Seb Coe and Kate Hoey at Redbridge Sports Centre where he met more local children and handed over a contribution from the Olympic fund to enable more sporting activities for young people in Redbridge. The media became very excited when Boris and Seb took part in an impromptu badminton game, but Boris acquitted himself well and didn't drop any shuttles.

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Ron Jeffries said...

The Boulders at Fairlop Waters are a terrific addition to the Country Park - my son (home from Norway) is a rock climber and my grandson (who is 10) both enjoyed a session there. I hear, too, that a natural play area is in the course of construction. That's good news.

I am so pleased to know that the crossing near Fairlop Station is now open so that access into Fairlop Waters from the station is almost is immediate - rather than having to walk along the narrow footpath to the main entrance. Well done, Tfl - you could not find the money to finish off the disabled access at Newbury Park Station, but at least you provided the cash for the crossing in Forest Road, You are NOT forgiven over Newbury Park Station, however!