Friday, September 10, 2010

Yes He Will !

Boris has finally announced that he will contest the 2012 Mayoral Elections.

He states that his priorities are cutting crime, protecting our valuable green space, improving public transport and building more affordable housing.

Personally, I am delighted that he has chosen to stand again. Much has been achieved since his election in 2008 but much remains to be done, with long term challenges including bringing London safely through the recession, securing Crossrail and successfully hosting the 2012 Olympics. These simply cannot be achieved in a single four year term.

Boris will be a champion for our city and a critical friend for the new coalition government, ready to promote London's needs without resorting to damaging confrontation.

Boris also has a unique appeal that applies both to conservative minded suburban voters and to the trendy residents of Inner London. This broad coalition of support is a complete contrast to the divisive and harmful politics of his predecessor.

Supporters can join the campaign at .

1 comment:

weggis said...

.. divisive and harmful politics of his predecessor.

Ken is not beyond criticism but that's a tad harsh I think.