Friday, September 03, 2010

Sign of the Times at Havering-atte-Bower

Boris was on good form when he visited Havering-atte-Bower to unveil the village sign on the green. He was greeted by members of the village conservation society as well as staff and patients from the nearby St Francis Hospice.

After a short introduction from local MP Andrew Rosindell, the Mayor tugged the cord to reveal the new sign which was designed and purchased by the local society. As a token of thanks the villagers presented him with a painting of the royal palace which once stood here.

There followed a swift walkabout in nearby Collier Row to meet local residents and shopkeepers, who as always were delighted to welcome our celebrity Mayor.


Ruthie said...

Such a shame that when Boris came he didnt have time to call into the library at Collier Row. He crossed over the crossing in front of the building and then walked the other way! The library is the only council building in Collier Row and has incredible community and political support. The children's area had been covered in silver foil for the Summer Reading Challenge and was replete with robots and all manner of decorations. I know that the staff were hugely disappointed and felt snubbed.
Never mind - next time eh?

Roger Evans said...

Hi Ruthie, and welcome to the blog! I see you have several blogs of your own which is great, and I hope you will return here often.

The problem you mention is one we always have with Boris. He is in such demand and time is so short that people always miss him, and of course they feel snubbed - although no offence is intended of course.

Next time I will see if he can fit in a visit. Meanwhile I'm happy to drop in myself - being somewhat less in demand...