Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Questions to the Mayor

Tomorrow sees the last question time before the August break. Following recent events in Romford I will be asking about the police approach to photography in London:

What are the current police guidelines on photography by members of the public? How are these communicated to front line police within the Met and are there any plans to review them?

This fairly open ended approach will allow follow up questions about the Romford incident as well as the Home Secretary's recent announcement that stop and search guidelines are to be tightened.


Jim said...

Thanks Roger,

I will be very interested to hear the Mayor's response, especially to the second of these questions. Will you post a transcript of the exchange here, or is there anywhere else we can go to find it out? Though I live in Manchester, this has relevance for us all, I believe, because roughly the same systems are likely to apply elsewhere, and because The Met usually sets the national policy for counter-terrorism.

Best Wishes,

Roger Evans said...


I will post highlights of tomorrow's question time, however there are several sources which you can go to for a verbatim transcript:

The session will feature on the Parliament Channel although this will not be live and the time of showings is uncertain - you need to keep a close watch.

If you miss it, then you can download the meeting and play it back from the Greater London Authority website, which is listed amongst my blog links. You can also get the paper transcript from the same source but this is only available after the Assembly Chair has agreed the content.

I hope the exchange will be helpful.