Sunday, July 04, 2010

Pride 2010

A first for me on Saturday - I took part in the Gay Pride parade. The route starts at Baker Street, running down to Oxford Street then along to Oxford Circus. It then follows Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus before concluding in Trafalgar Square. Not a short walk, and it seemed longer under a blazing sun, with plenty of stopping and starting.

Everyone was in a party mood and we received a good reception, despite the presence of Socialist Worker activists. The Conservative contingent was around 40 strong and included a couple of MPs and my Assembly colleague Andrew Boff, pictured along with myself and Graham Archer who contributes some superb material to Conservative Home.

It is important for the Party to be seen here and I hope we can persuade more people to join us next year - we may even hire an open topped bus.


Rog T said...

Really Roger, you could have made a bit more effort with your attire !

It wouldn't exactly be hard to play "spot the blokes from the Conservative Party" would it?

Roger Evans said...

I think the banners, placards and blue rosettes would have given us away regardless of our attire, Rog. As it was my first time I was unsure what to wear - for future guidance perhaps you could let me know what you were wearing for the event, or even send me a picture...

And I think you should know that the London Fire Brigade presence was official. The 'Pride' banner pictured is not an FBU banner - the logo in the top left corner reads 'LFB'. The fire engine belongs to the brigade too, although I'm sure many of the participants were FBU members.

Rog T said...


Sorry to say I couldn't make it. Some of us have to work. Had I gone, I'd have worn what I always wear.

If you don't know what that is, check out the first chorus of Sweet Gene Vincent by Ian Dury.

That is good style advice for anyone.