Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gallows Corner Re-opens

Transport for London tell me that the Gallows Corner flyover returned to normal two way working from 3:00pm today. They are delighted to have achieved this some five weeks ahead of schedule and I am grateful for their efforts during a particularly trying time.

However this is no time for mutual back slapping. The whole problem only arose because of poor maintenance over a number of years and it has taken an unbelievable length of time to sort out. Replacement steel panels had to be specially made abroad and shipped to London, taking many months, during which drivers were seriously inconvenienced by closures and one way working. The flyover is now good for another ten years but this temporary structure should really be replaced with a permanent solution - this will require money from central government and there is likely to be very little available over the coming years.

Drivers on the A12 can breathe a sigh of relief but shouldn't relax just yet. A 40 week resurfacing project gets under way at Gants Hill roundabout on Friday...


judith said...

Good to know this, as the journey from Gants Hill to friends in Upminster has been nightmarish over recent months!

Mind you, heaven help us trying to circumvent Gants Hill from now on.

Anonymous said...

Details of the Gants Hill resurfacing project can be found here

Note if you will all the pedestrian crossings at all the road junctions and accompanied traffic lights.

Despite a subway system in place, these resurfacing works, will end the same as they did over twenty years ago when a similar 'signalling' scheme was introduced.

Total Gridlock

Nice to know TfL have learned from previous costly mistakes.