Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Assembly Expenses Go Online

This morning you can see the expense claims of London Assembly Members for the last year on line at the GLA website. They are itemised in some detail.

My own relate solely to travelling costs and are as follows:

Zone 1-6 Travelcard £1,784.00

Taxi journey, Bromley Civic Centre to Romford Town Centre, 6.11.08, following Peoples' Question Time £71.83

And that's the lot.


weggis said...

What is the justification for allowing Assembly Members to claim for a Travel Card?

When I travelled around London as a part of my job, I used my travel card [paid for by me, albeit with an interest free loan from my employer] but I could not claim any portion of the cost of the card from my employer. I could only claim out of pocket expenses. Presumably this applies to City Hall employees.
Note: MPs do not get a free Travel Card!

Roger Evans said...

Weggis, the original aim was, I believe to encourage members to use public transport - and in most cases it worked. A lot of other staff in the GLA family get the same benefit, including TfL and the police.

MPs get a car mileage allowance, and free parking spaces at Westminster.

weggis said...

Now there's a radical idea! Encourage people to use Public Transport by making it FREE!

morris hickey said...

When are we going to see full details of the expenses for the fat slug from Barnet?

Rog T said...


Your expenses are most restrained. Thank you.

P.S. Do you agree with your esteemed colleague Brian Coleman who says that politicians who don't claim much expenses usually don't do any work?

morris hickey said...

Roger T - I would suggest it is probably the other way round. Coleman is so pre-occupied with claiming expenses that he probably doesn't have time for work. The sum total of what he rakes in as an elected member from both the GLA and Barnet has to be better than actually working.

Roger Evans said...

ALL members' expenses will be published later today.

And I see no evidence that people who claim more work harder...

morris hickey said...

Some details of Coleman's travelling expenses for 2008/9 are now on the Assembly website. Despite having a tavelcard at our expense he still manages to spend on taxis, and claim, even more than the cost of the tavelcard. I have not been able to find any details of expenses paid to him by either Barnet or LFEPA.

I heard on BBC TV news ealier today that he rakes in more than £100k from membership of 3 public authorities. What a bloody disgrace - he's not worth a small fraction of that sum. Somebody in authority over him needs to bring him down to ground level PDQ.

Violet said...

I have just seen Weggis' comment about making public transport 'free'.

Does he imagine the buses and trains will be provided 'free' by the manufacturers?

Will diesel fuel be handed over by the refineries at no cost?

Will drivers and cleaners and signallers and electricians work for no wages?

No, what he means is 'let's introduce yet another costly layer of bureaucracy to tax and spend everyone's money.'

Try reading Robert Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Mr Weggis, you'll find a lot of use of the phrase TANSTAAFL.
It means ' there ain't no such thing as a free lunch'.

morris hickey said...

In defence of Weggis I know him well enough to recognise when his comments are made with tongue in cheek.

Rog T said...


No such thing as a free lunch?

You've not been following my blog then?

(sorry Roger, I know you don't like us using your blog to snipe at your colleague but sometimes ....)

weggis said...

Well, Violet, they do say that "irony is wasted on the stupid"!