Thursday, May 28, 2009

MPA Chopper Challenge

I stuck my nose into the Police Authority meeting this morning, just in time to hear a question from the public about police helicopters.

The noise is proving unwelcome to some residents, as well as the very powerful searchlights, however anyone who watches police chase programmes will know how effective the choppers are at catching fugitives. When criminals flee by car it is often safer to track them from the air than to pursue them on the road. In Romford we sometimes get the helicopter overhead and it certainly gives me a warm, comfortable feeling to know that miscreants are very likely to be caught once the chopper is on their trail.

Sir Paul Stephenson, the commissioner, reassured the authority that pilots are taught to fly in a manner that minimises noise. There are now three police helicopters and when they were bought in 2005, quieter models were actively sought. However with a greater number of choppers more likely to be used, residents are very likely to experience further disturbance in future.

I just feel reassured they are there.

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